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John DickersonIn 2008, while working a project at Eglin Air Force Base, John and his wife bought a house in one of the Hammock Bay neighborhoods in Freeport, Florida. Three years later, John, his wife Peggy, and their dog Molly moved from California, bought a sailboat, and made the Emerald Coast of Florida their home. The boat needed many fix-its and lots of cleaning, but was more than sea-worthy and in it John has plied the waters of the Gulf Coast panhandle, exploring Choctawhatchee, St. Andrews, and St. Joseph’s bays and poking into the coves and bayous accessible to a 37-foot cutter. Having run aground more than a couple of times, John has learned to recognize shoals and differing bottom types, as well as to appreciate the changing nature of the shallows in response to tropical storms and other significant weather events.

Much like the doodle-buggers of the early- and mid-20th century, John came to Florida chasing geophysical projects. But after nearly forty years of searching for oil and gas, minerals, subsurface structures (some natural, some not), environmental hazards, and unexploded ordnance, it was time to re-tool and do something new. So John took up painting oils on canvas or wood. And he determined to delve into real estate, not with the goal of selling properties, but rather of helping people new to the Emerald Coast, as well as those who have lived here a lifetime, find a home that lets them bask in the sun, laze on the beaches, and ply the waters of the Choctawhatchee and Gulf Coast as he has.

John will bring the same attention to detail and breadth of search he demonstrated during decades of geophysical investigations and quality assurance to finding a home for you in the Florida panhandle. In addition to being a licensed Realtor, John is a registered professional geophysicist, a geologist, an aviator, a sailer of small boats, a lifelong photographer, and an artist. John has worked in the Alaskan arctic and on South Pacific islands, in Korea and on the Atlantic seaboard, in the Aleutian and Hawai’ian Islands, in the mid-West, desert Southwest, and the Rocky Mountains, on the West Coast and Gulf Coast. He has lived in, worked in, visited, or traveled through every U.S. Territory in the Pacific and every state in the Union except Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and (strangely) North Carolina. John’s goal as your Realtor will be to help you find just the right home to allow you to enjoy your experiences in the Florida sun, whether it be for a short time or a lifetime on the Emerald Coast.


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